Good Sync

Backup and synchronization software

GoodSync is an effective, easy and reliable data backup and file synchronization software. Whether you are a home or business user, this is something which you can NOT do without…GoodSync For Windows

Good Sync File Synchronization Software

A computer/laptop hard drive fails every 20 seconds – it’s not an IF, it’s a WHEN.

We are constantly asked to fix computers when the hard drive has failed, all data has been lost and important documents gone. We spend hours and hours working on these systems with some fantastic software to retrieve as much as possible – but it’s not a cheap service.

Prevention in this case is always better than the cure.

So What Does GoodSync Do?


It automatically analyzes, synchronizes, and backs up your emails, precious family photos, music, contacts, financial documents, and other important files locally – between desktops, laptops, servers, external drives, and Windows Mobile devices, as well as remotely through FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, and more…

GoodSync Backup

Automatically backup all your critical files to ensure you’ll never lose them.

GoodSync Syncronize

Easily Synchronize your files between multiple computers and devices.

GoodSync Portable

Completely portable with GoodSync2Go for USB flash and portable hard drives.


Here is a GoodSync review which appears on

GoodSync Pro can be set to automatically backup or synchronize files or you can do either manually. I do like the automatic feature as it means that is one aspect of working safely and protecting my work that I don’t have to worry about.

Another nice feature is that while you are running GoodSync Pro you can continue to work with other files or data that isn’t currently being backed-up or synchronized.

For any mobile professionals – no matter the industry you are in; using GoodSync is beneficial and will help ensure that your data is safe especially while traveling.

From our experience of using this program we can give it a 10 out of 10 for versatility, ease of use and effectiveness.

Whether you want to back up your photo albums or word documents on a home computer or entire directories for business use, this is our program of choice.

GoodSync is available for Windows and Mac – So there is no excuse for losing your data.

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